As you  can imagine, the band does not have much money to go on tours. However, there have been times when well-wishers have helped by donating money.  Since the band was established in 1987 there have been three band trips to Jakarta. You can find a few details about our meetings with two international leaders of the Salvation Army (Generals Rader and Eva Burrows) in Java under the concerts section.

There have also been three other band tours. The first was to Nias island (off the west coast of Sumatra) in late November 2004, the second one to Malaysia/Singapore in November 2005, and the third to Palu (Central Sulawesi) in July 2009.

The trip to Nias was largely financed by members of the Salvation Army Balestier Corps (church) in Singapore, while I paid most of the expenses for the tour to Malaysia and Singapore. The trip to Palu was financed by the Salvation Army.

A devastating earthquake hit Nias just weeks after the band visited the island
Both trips were very special. The trip to Nias was important because many of the boys come from Nias and it was a chance for them to demonstrate their musical abilities in front of their relatives. Sadly, it was only a matter of weeks later that a devastating earthquake destroyed much of the island, killing thousands of people.

The tour to Malaysia and Singapore was also very exciting. For many band members, it was the first time they had heard bands other than their own.

But the best of all so far must surely be the trip the band took to Palu to attend the celebrations for the Salvation Army's 115th anniversary in Indonesia. For the first time, band members traveled by plane, thanks to the generosity of the Salvation Army's Bandung headquarters. The band also performed in front of an audience of 14,000 people!

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