Other Percussion Instruments


There are, of course, a large number of other instruments used in the percussion section.  A short list would include the tambourine, the triangle and the castanets.  Latin American rhythm instruments such as the maracas, woodblock, bongo and cowbell are also popular. 

Tambourines are held steady in one in one hand and struck with the other using either the fleshy part of the fingers, the heel of the hand or the knuckles.  The rim may also be struck with the fingers, timpani sticks or snare drum sticks.  A tambourine can also be shaken or even muted with a handkerchief.

Size determines the general pitch of the triangle. A triangle can be struck with a variety of beaters, including wire coat hangers and even heavy nails.  Most of the time, however, it is more appropriate to use the metal beater specially made for the purpose.  Most playing is done by placing the beater inside the triangle and then striking the base.  The sides may also be struck in faster rhythms.