Brass Band Scores



This section contains music written for brass band, by which is meant a British-style performing ensemble comprising instruments such as the cornet and tenor (alto) horn, as well as trombones, baritones, euphoniums and B-flat and E-flat tubas. Some (limited) parts are also written for percussion. 

Following the brass band tradition, all such music is written in the treble clef. However, I have tried to provide parts for euphonium, trombone, baritone and tuba in the bass clef whenever possible. Such parts are usually available for separate download as a "brass ensemble" score. 

Please note that a sharp distinction is made in the scoring between the euphonium and the baritone part, something that is rare in concert or wind band music. Since it is an essential part of the harmony, the baritone part is more important than the euphonium part - the latter being little more than a decoration. See the section on scoring for more information.

All scores have been released into the public domain for non-commercial use. They can be freely printed and photocopied provided the music remains unchanged and the composer is duly acknowledged. Commercial use, including the sale of sheet music or professional recordings, is prohibited without the permission of the composer.

Composers who accept these conditions are invited to submit works to us for possible inclusion on this website. Please submit your music in PDF form, and include an MP3 recording for evaluation.

Visitors are welcome to take a look at anything they find interesting. However, only registered members can download the scores. The same is true of all recordings (mostly mp3 files) throughout the site, including those available in the focus section.

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